Kerstin Wadsten

(creator of this website)

Kerstin Runa Elisabeth Wadsten, b. May 3, 1939, in Västerås Domkyrkoförsamling.
Socionom, worked in Malmö, Sweden ('socialassistent') to 1969, in Hong Kong (supervisor of the Swedish Sponsorship Department, Lutheran World Federation) to 1972 and in Canada to 1998 (social work investigator/ supervisor for the Office of the Children's Lawyer). Retired: doing websites and singing in a choir. Living in Toronto, Ontario.
Interesting observation: glasses seem to get smaller as one grows older.

My first choir: grade 1 at the Jakobsberg's Primary School. At the organ: teacher Karin Norell. Backrow: Anette, X, KW. Front: Ulla-Britt, Marianne, X.

The occasion was the year-end show for our parents.

I first joined the Swedish choir in Toronto (singing bass!) and made a great Swedish national costume (in cotton, while others sweat in wool!). Here we are performing at the New Year's Levee of the Ontario Lieutenant General.

Later, I switched to the DCAT chorus as 1st tenor. My glasses enlarged again and I felt as if I regained some of my youth! This was fun! Too bad they moved too fafr away.

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With father and mother:

At the end of the first school year:

teacher: Karin Norell
(behind organ)
(KW to the right in backrow)

Susanna and Johan

Link to a website I made for our favourite vacationspot since 1984:
Southampton, Ontario!

Both children, and their children, visited the family grave at Längbro, Örebro, in 2017:

(The grave of my maternal great-grandparents is also in the picture, at the red arrow.)

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