Sibline: Karl, Anna, Lotten

Anna Elisabeth
b. Nilsson September 17, 1873
d. December 18, 1962 (buried at Längbro, Örebro, in the family grave)
Married to Johan (John) Johansson

Anna was born in what the family called "Grandpa's cottage"  (Morfars stuga), located in Lanna, at the golf course, near Hidinge church.

Anna and Johan lived with their four children in a small apartment (one room and kitchen) at Drottninggatan 13 in Örebro. The entrance to their apartment was below the red 'x' mark in the photo on the right. Above that, on the second floor, was the window in the stairway (with a cupboard for groceries). To the left you see first the kitchen, then the two windows of the room.

Later on, the family also rented two rooms to the right of the stairs. At first, Ivar had one room and the other was rented to other people. Later Arne had one room and Peg the other.

The entrance to the outhouses is on the lower right in the photo on the right.

(Photo above: view due north)

(Photo on the left: the south-west corner of the yard. The houses behind are along Köpmangatan.)

They later moved to Restalundsgatan 37 (near Eyravallen so that Johan could watch games from the balcony! You could see half the arena.) They had a kitchen (below the cross on the photo), a livingroom and toilet, up two stairs like the one in the photo - very hard for Johan to manage on his crutches. Bathroom in the basement.



Anna's brother: 
Carl Nilsson

Married to Hanna.

They lived in Vårbo:

Their children changed their last name to Carlbark:
Greta Carlbark, Kumla, b. June 14, 1899, d. June 12, 1964
Martin Carlbark,
b. May 4, 1901

d. ?
Thorsten Carlbark, Stockholm
b. Feb. 23, 1903
d. Nov. 23, 1988
Harald Carlbark,
Kumla, b. Nov. 30, 1904,
d. Jan. 6, 1978
"Greta i Kumla" and her brothers:

Started Carlbarks Cykel 1939, now Carlbarks Motor run by his grandson, Lars.

Harald (I think) had a summerhouse at the lake "Leken" where Ture Wadsten's family also built a cottage. As of 1999, it was still owned by the Carlbark family ("#6 Leken"). I drove by during a visit to Sweden, and saw the name on the mailbox.

Anna's sister:
Lotten (author), b. 1878. Their son:

Lotten was married to Alfred Pettersson. 


Their house in Almby -->

Alvar Petterson
b. November 11, 1905, 
d. December 11, 1965 
The family’s only millionaire. In his youth, he got some disease that made him lose all body hair and made him unable to have children. He wore a misfitting wig, married Dagny and adopted two children. All lived in Örebro (at Oskarsparken).
Alvar and Lotten

Mother of Anna, Karl and Lotten:

Anna Lovisa Jonsson
b. Jonsson March 12, 1832
d. December 19, 1911 (buried at Hidinge)

Father of Anna:

Karl Nilsson, Nyhyttan, Hidinge
b. March 29, 1837
d. November 23, 1921

1916 at his home:
from left Hanna Karlsson, Martin Carlbark,
unknown, Torsten Carlbark.

Below, also at Karl's home:
Greta Carlbark (with Leif Carlbark, Torsten's son), Alfred Petterson, Anna Johansson, Hanna Karlsson

Brev från Karl Nilsson till dottern Anna (Elisabeth = Lisen):
Among Lovisa's siblings was the grandmother of Eva Elisabeth Sandberg, Örebro, b. May 25, 1913, d. Aug. 22, 2009. 
Eva´s father, Werner (b. Mar. 16 1877, d. June 14, 1955) was the head gardener at Boo Castle, owned by the Hamiltons, wife b. de la Gardie. His mother was Johanna Eriksson, who was in charge of stores (linen etc.) at Örbyhus Castle. His father is unknown, but the owner of Örbyhus Castle paid for his 3-year studies to become a castle gardener. Werner took the name Ohlsson for reasons unknown. 
Eva's mother: Gerda Åkerberg
Gerda's siblings: Anton (Dyltabruk), Axel and Arvid (Västra Färnebo), Hanna (had a daughter, Vega, out of wedlock. Co-habited later on in Åtorp, but the man refused to marry her as he disliked Vega and didn't want her to inherit. Anna Johansson was often at their place, to visit, relax and swim.)
Eva's siblings: 1) Gerda, b. Jan 27, 1984 , d. June 14, 1970 (deaf, married with several children); 2) Karin b. Sept. 25, 1910, d. Dec. 30, 1973 (teacher); 3) Valborg, married Borgefalk, d. 2009.
Gerda Åkerberg's parents: her mother and Johan Johansson's mother are said to have been sisters. (Not confirmed.)
Lovisa's father:
Johan Hylltse
, Vintrosa
Lovisa's mother: ?

Father of Carl Nilsson:

Nils Andersson, b. 1806, d. 1851

Mother of Carl Nilsson:

Ulla (Ulrika) Hagman,  b. 1806, d. 1870

Their children:

1) Per, b. 1829
2) Anna Lovisa, b. 1831 (married Persson)
3) Axel, b. 1834 (see below)
4) Karl Nilsson,b. March 29, 1837 Nyhyttan, Hidinge, d. November 23, 1921
5) Carolina Nilsson, emigrated and married in the States (about 1868) to Erick Wallin (see below).
6) Augusta Vilhelmina, b. 1848
Erick Wallin b. 1844, d. 1924
Carolina Nilsson - Wallin b. 1844, d. 1927

Erick and Carolina had nine children:

- Axel
(five children - see right ---->
- Ellen
- Anton (four children)
- Mannie
(married to Selma, one child)
- Hjalmar
- Carl
(both single)
- Oscar
(who had 11children - see below)
- Ture
(two children)
- Elsa



Axel married Anna Maria Johannesen from Fredrikstad.

Their children were

- Florence E. Bjurquist (photo)
b. February 13, 1904
d. January 18, 1976 in 
Stockholm, Wisconsin, USA

- Herbert d. 1966
- Gustav d. 1934
- Gerald d. 1966 
- Stanley

Two of Oscar's
 children were:
Mariam (married Puppi), worked for the US Post Office

Doris (married to Laurence Erickson), primary school teacher
Florence married Ferdinand Bjurquist and had four children:
Gordon b. 1921, d. 1967 
(had two children)
Alton b. 1923 (two children)
Joyce b. 1925 (two children)
Erland b. 1930 (four children)

Florence visited Peg and Rune in June 1969. She had found Peggy after researching her family's ties to Sweden through Vasa Orden, and most info abouther and her family comes from her and a letter from Vasa Orden.

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