Sibline: Johan, Hilda, Agnes, Signe

Parents: Johanna, John

Johan Leander Johansson

b. June 24, 1876 in Mölntorp (?)
d. January 10, 1955 (buried at Längbro in the family grave)

Married to Anna Nilsson

Children: Ivar, Greta, Arne, Frideborg (Peggy) -
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Johan's sisters (with their parents):

1) Hilda, b. ?,  d.?

Hilda married Gustaf Lind and had one child:  Eivor

2) Agnes, b. September 2, 1883, d. 1972 (likely from Alzheimers)

Married Berglund, lived in Stockholm at Norrmälarstrand.

Agnes married bergsingenör Gustaf Berglund:

They lived at Norrmälarstrand in Stockholm.

Their children:
Ulla (married Reutherborg), head of school for physiotherapists at the University of Lund, Kåre - medical doctor, specialized in rheumatoid arthritis, Yngve - military man.)

In the picture on the left: Yngve, Signe, Johanna (unknown standing behind Johanna), Kåre and Ulla. (Seated to the right: unknown.)

3) Signe (on the right), b. May 24 
(married Hilding Lamke, lived in Uppsala - Östra Ågatan.) They had no children.

Two of the sisters, Agnes and Signe, with Kerstin and Peg in the living room of Signe's apartment in Uppsala.

Mother of Johan:


Johanna Johansson
b. Persdotter June 17, 1852
d. January 3, 1934

Father of Johan:


John Erik Johansson
b. May 18, 1843
d. September 26, 1907

Both are buried at Längbro Cemetary, "Gamla 122" (below & right).

For many years, the location of this grave was forgotten, but located in 2004, with the help of the photo from 1943 (on the right) where Anna is raking this grave. Note Johan's wheel chair! Kerstin has now taken on the responsibility for the grave and flowers have been planted again.

The family was too poor to afford a grave when J.E. Johansson died, so he was put in a special area, "the line" for a couple of years until they could pay the 40 that was needed for a proper grave:

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