Peggy Wadsten
b. Frideborg Olivia Johansson May 12, 1910
Called herself "Boj" - the Johansson family still call her "Bojan". She later decided on a more adult name and was "christened" under the school yard pump by her friends.  Since then, she was known as Peg or Peggy.

Married December 26, 1936, at Hidinge Church (outside Örebro), to Rune Wadsten. One child: Kerstin b. May 3, 1939 in Västerås.
Died January 6, 2001, at "Rösegården", Västerås,  from Alzheimers and pneumonia. Buried in the family grave at Längbro k:a in Örebro. The small funeral was attended by Hans and Ingrid Garhed, Eva Sandberg, Valborg Borgefalk (Eva's sister) and Kerstin.

At Christmas 2000

Peg and Arne 1914 ...


.. and in 1918

At "Morfar's cottage" 1916:
Johan, Arne, Ivar, Anna and Peg

On school trip to Visby

With best friend Runa Sandberg

Peg and friends (second from left)

<-- Peg in front

Peg and her parents

Formal engagement photo
(click to enlarge)

This is where they actually got engaged, in Suttarboda, Kilsbergen
(on the right)


Peg went up in this plane, after her brother (Ivar Johansson (see newspaper cutting - left) had tried it.

Drottninggatan 13 in Örebro where Peg grew up. The entrance to their apartment was below the red 'x' mark. Above that, on the second floor, was the window in the stairway (with a cupboard for groceries). To the left you see first the kitchen, then the livingroom windows.

Later on, the family also rented two rooms to the right of the stairs. At first, Ivar had one room and the other was rented to other people. Later Arne had one room and Peg the other.

The entrance to the outhouses is on the lower right in the photo.

Some of those renting this extra room was Signe ("Sigge Stark") and Elsa Petersén. Click here for information.

Others were Eva Sandberg and her sisters who stayed here when they attended school in Örebro. Click here.

Johan was a labourer whose hip joints were damaged by heavy lifting. In younger years he was very active in the labour movement.
He later used crutches and constantly walked around the livingroom table to get some relief from the pain.
Was unable to work for many years so Anna (and Peg, later on) made duvets at home, that Anna sold on the market near their home at Drottninggatan 13.

Market at Stortorget, Örebro ->

Below are images from the interior of the apartment. Anna at the kitchen sink, which was actually made of zinc! Johan, with his crutches behind him, at the kitchen table. The gas stove (a corner visible on the left) worked if you put tokens in a meter.
At the bottom are photos taken at some birthdays, Anna and Johan are posed in the livingroom - where the family also slept - except for Johan who slept in the kitchen sofa (on the wall opposite the sink).