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When Peg was little, Anna and Johan had Signe Petersén ("Sigge Stark") and her sister as boarders.
The sisters grew up in a mansion and rode horses since childhood. The circular driveway of their home created a round, grassy area that they converted to their own circus arena.
They both loved nature and often camped out in Kilsbergen. Signe told of one time when they had been washing at a pond, nude, and a local man came by. He got scared and ran away and, later, there were stories that there were evil spirits ("huldror") in the forest.

Elsa, (in photo to the left - in the hospital) worked as a circus performer (riding) but became ill (tuberculosis) and died. She had a child of mixed race and wanted Anna to adopt the boy, but Anna found that it would be financially impossible. They already had too many children and too little money.

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Signe used to draw for Peg. These are two examples: (click to enlarge)

Signe became an author of adventure/love stories, and also about animals. She was very famous in Sweden. She married a farmer, Björnberg, and lived in the province of Värmland.

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