Rune Wadsten

Karl Rune Wadsten
b. July 12, 1911 in Örebro
d. December 26, 1993 (from a stroke) in Västerås.

Buried at Längbro, Örebro, Sweden, in 
the J.L. Johansson family grave (Gamla 607).

Married December 26, 1936 at Hidinge, to Peggy Johansson, b. May 12, 1910. One child: Kerstin, b. May 3, 1939

The siblings in order of age



Family of origin:
From  left: (Folke) Aina, Rune, Greta (mother), (Peggy), Ture (father), Bertil, Ella-Britt

The house that Ture built at Karlslundsvägen 4, Örebro

Rune at age 1

With parents and sibs in the garden of their home at Karlslundsvägen 4

Greta, Rune, Ella-Britt, Aina, Bertil, Ture on the steps to their cottage at Lekeskog

Rune age 10

On the beach with friends (Rune in the middle)

Rune in his 20's

Karolinska läroverket ("Karro") which he attended

Rune's report card when graduating (realexamen):

(click on picture to enlarge!)


First driver's licence: ---->

Engagement party in "The Blue Mountains" (Kilsbergen)

Rune and Peg

1939 - 1945:

German soldiers flanking one Swede
Building the summer house at Gruffet (near Västerås) 1949:

<--- Greta, Peg, Rune, and Kerstin on the bench, with unknown visitors.

Below: Peg with Irene and Jan Envall, plowing for setting potatoes at neighbours (Erikssons) at Gruffet:

First home in Västerås, at Wallingatan 4.
Before marrying, he lived in a rented room.

The family lived at 39 Vasagatan approximately 1940-42, then Peg and Kerstin moved to stay with Anna and Johan in Örebro during some of the war years.

During that time, they found an apartment in a four-family building at Flodinsgatan 18 where they lived until 1951.

And then at Kopparbergsvägen 19 until 1985.

When they bought a townhouse at Bäckby (around 1980) the Kopparbergsvägen street sign came along ...

... and was given a place of honour on the outhouse at Gruffet:

Rune's greatest interests were Gruffet

and badminton:

He was one of the initiators to Västerås Badminton Förening (and Kerstin was pressed into starting the Junior section).

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